Get in your Target Heart Rate Zone

Pure Cardio keeps you focused on the healthiest part of a cardiovascular exercise: your heart rate.

At any fitness level and for any type of cardio activity, Pure Cardio is the best way to track your workout.

Launching soon on Apple Watch OS2!

Leave your phone behind
Beginning with Apple Watch OS2, the technology is available to effectively track your workout independently of your iPhone. Simply go outside, start the workout, and sync it up when you're back home.
More than just running
Traditional fitness trackers are all about distance over time. Pure Cardio gets to the heart of your workout so you can track any exercise you like; sports, yoga, P90X, dance, Jazzercise, plyometrics & more!
Review workouts on your phone

Once you finish your workout on the Apple Watch, your data will queue up to automatically transfer as soon as you pair with your iPhone.

With Pure Cardio's beautifully simple graphs, you can see exactly how much time you spent in your target heart rate zone for every workout session.

Exercise should be fun, so with Pure Cardio, you can leave yourself notes about your workouts and learn to love tracking your progress.

Sharing never felt so good

Since the dawn of gps-enabled smartphones, we've had friends who brag about their 10+ mile runs at sub-8 minute pace. There was never a time you could feel good about running 2 miles in 30 minutes.

Until now.

Once you realize the only cardio measurement that matters is your heart rate, you can celebrate all of your achievements proudly. When you work hard, you enter your target heart rate zone. It doesn't matter whether your fast or slow, you can do it!